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What you need to know


Adoption - The process starts here.

A short application must be filled out prior to the adoption. 


Dog/puppy adoption fee: $75.00
Cat/kitten adoption fee: $50.00

Adoption fees and terms for other animals (horses, birds, etc.) will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Adoption Terms

Please take your newly adopted pet for a check up with your own veterinarian. If any health problems are found within 48 hours of adoption and you decide that you do not wish to keep the pet, NACHS will accept return of the pet and give a full refund of the adoption fee. After the first 48 hours, if the adopter decides that they no longer wish to keep the pet - regardless of the reason - the pet may be returned to NACHS. There will be no refund given. 

Spay/Neuter Agreement

There is an agreement between NACHS and the adopter that any adopted animal MUST have spay/neuter surgery as a requirement for the adoption. NACHS pays for the surgery when performed by a local participating veterinarian.

Any healthy newly adopted animal over the age of 6 months will be sent for spay/neuter surgery at a participating veterinarian clinic of the adopter's choice prior to going home. The adopter will pick the newly adopted pet up at the veterinarian's clinic and is responsible for any charges over the cost of the spay/neuter surgery.  

For adopted puppies and kittens that are less than 6 months of age at the time of adoption, the adopter is responsible for making an appointment for the surgery with a participating veterinarian when the pet reaches 6 months of age. 

What the Adoption Fee covers

The adoption fee covers the cost of the surgery with a participating veterinarian of your choice.  At the time you make the appointment for your pet’s surgery, please inform the veterinary clinic that that your pet is adopted from NACHS and then take the adoption form and proof of rabies vaccine to the clinic with the pet on the day of the surgery.  If no previous rabies vaccine, be prepared to pay $10 - $18 for the rabies immunization at the time of the surgery.  Extra charges may apply if your female dog is in heat or pregnant at the time of the surgery.  You may be charged for antibiotics and pain meds for your pet and we have attempted to note the clinics that routinely charge for those medications.  However, any of the listed veterinarians may at their own discretion prescribe and charge for any medications they determine are needed, on a case by case basis. 

Participating Vets


Bluff City Veterinary Hospital (601) 446-5899
429 Highway 61 N,  Natchez, MS 39120

*Additional (required) deductible of $30 and signed release before surgery.

Borum Veterinary Clinic (601)442-5522
145 E Franklin St, Natchez, MS  39120

Gregg Veterinary Hospital (318) 336-1700

1150 Logan Sewell Dr.  Vidalia, LA 71373
 * Optional laser surgery is available.

Miss-Lou Veterinary Hospital (318) 336-5306

4895 Highway 84 W  Vidalia, LA 71373
 *  Will NOT do spay surgery on pregnant pets.  Require that a release be signed prior to any pet’s surgery. 

Natchez Veterinary Clinic (601) 445-5271
404 Liberty Road  Natchez, MS 39120
 * Additional (required) charges for antibiotics and pain meds are based on weight and start at $30

Riverside Veterinary Care Center (601) 653-4706

239 Hwy 61 South  Natchez, MS 3912
* Additional (required) charges for antibiotics and pain meds: $25 for dogs less than 30lbs, $35 for dogs over 30lbs;  $20 for cats